Romanian government approves Naval Strike Missile buy

Romanian government approves Naval Strike Missile buy

WARSAW, Poland — The Romanian government has approved and sent to the parliament a draft bill that will allow the country to buy Naval Strike Missile coastal defense systems through a foreign military sales (FMS) procedure.

“The anti-ship missile systems that are to be purchased include, but are not limited to, four mobile launch vehicles, a platform for command, control and communications, transport and loading/unloading platforms, sensors, initial logistics support, maintenance and testing equipment,” the Romanian Ministry of National Defence said in a statement.

Developed by Raytheon and Kongsberg, the NSM is a sea-skimming, over-the-horizon, anti-ship missile. Last October, the U.S. State Department approved its potential sale after Bucharest requested to purchase two coastal defense systems.

The potential contract is estimated at roughly $286 million, but its precise value is to be determined when the acquisition procedure begins, according to the ministry.

Previous estimates put the procurement’s expected value at €137 million, or $166.5 million. Under Romanian law, purchases of weapons and military equipment worth more than €100 million must be approved by the country’s parliament.

The ministry said it aimed to acquire the systems by 2024.

The Romanian center-right coalition government controls a majority of the seats in both the upper and lower chamber of the parliament which means that lawmakers are most likely to pass the government’s bill.

Source: Defensenews