Armacraft sign sizable order for High-Speed Diver Delivery Craft

Armacraft sign sizable order for High-Speed Diver Delivery Craft

UAE based Armacraft, a developer and builder of composite patrol vessels, have signed a substantial order for its new Trident (submersible high-speed diver delivery crafts) program with an undisclosed Foreign Navy.

Armacraft submersible program involves primarily two different type of submersible high-speed diver delivery crafts, MK I; 6 crew recognizance and diver delivery craft and MK II; a larger 12 squad, transportation and diver delivery craft. Both models has market leading performance capabilities, optimized for transportation in 40ft containers to ensure responsive and prompt deployment.

We are proud to receive this order. After several years of extensive research and development of Tridents submersible systems, we can present a highly agile multi-purpose system with autonomous capabilities. The system consists of components from world-leading manufacturers of e.g. subsea thrusters, batteries, and underwater navigation systems. The final design phase has been completed with rigorous underwater-computerized flow dynamics, with hull optimization for performance while surfaced and in submerged mode.

Armacraft technical director Tommy Eriksson

We are building a new breed of high-speed diver delivery crafts that Navies around the world can afford to keep in their fleet. Easily operated with dual redundancy control system for safety, plug and play sub system modules for easy and cost-effective low downtime support. MK II is a truly innovative platform for multi-purpose missions, made possible due to its interchangeable interior design.

Armacraft CEO Richard Jonsson

Armacraft, a Swedish-Emirates Company, is known for its high-speed interceptors and combat crafts. It was only a natural progress to add underwater capability for our current and future clients.

Source: Navalnews