ADSB to build 4 Falaj 3-class OPVs for UAE Navy

ADSB to build 4 Falaj 3-class OPVs for UAE Navy

Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) has been awarded AED 3.5 billion (app $953 million) contract by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and UAE Navy to build four Falaj 3-class offshore patrol vessels (OPVs).

ADSB operates three main naval programs: corvettes, offshore patrol vessels, and fast patrol boats.

The Falaj-3 class is described as a highly flexible and versatile offshore patrol vessel used to carry out a wide range of missions.

The is the largest order ADSB has ever received.

ADSB is part of the Platforms & Systems cluster of EDGE, an advanced technology group for defense and beyond, which reportedly ranks among the top 25 military suppliers in the world.

David Massey, CEO of ADSB, said: “ADSB’s relationship with key stakeholders has grown stronger since it has become a part of the EDGE Group. This contract underscores our mutual commitment to serving the UAE Navy with the right products and advanced shipping solutions – to enable a secure future.”

ADSB previously built the UAE Navy’s Baynunah-class corvettes, the last of which delivered back in 2017.

Source: navaltoday