Vietnamese navy receives submarine rescue ship

Vietnamese navy receives submarine rescue ship

The Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) received its first-ever submarine search-and-rescue (SAR) ship in a ceremony held on 30 July at the Z189 shipyard in Hải Phòng that was attended by Chief of Naval Forces Rear Admiral Trần Thanh Nghiêm.

Named Yết Kiêu (pennant number 927), the 93.11 m-long vessel was built by Z189 under project ‘MSSARS 9316′ in co-operation with Dutch shipbuilding and design group Damen.

Based on Damen’s Rescue Gear Ship 9316, Yết Kiêu has a reported full-load displacement of 3,950 tonnes, a beam of 15.99 m, and a hull draught of 4.25 m. Maximum speed is put at 15.7 kt, with a range of up to 4,000 n miles and an endurance of 30 days.

The multipurpose ship, which was launched in December 2019, features a flight deck on the bow and an A-frame aft for the launch and recovery of the LR11 submarine rescue vehicle (SRV). Built by UK-based Forum Energy Technologies, the LR11 is capable of operating at depths of up to 600 m and can rescue up to 17 people at a time.

Forum Energy Technologies supplied the LR11 to Submarine Manufacturing & Products (SMP), which had secured a contract in 2018 to provide a complete submarine rescue equipment solution for the new Vietnamese ship.

Also included in SMP’s submarine rescue equipment package were a transfer-under-pressure system, work-class remotely operated vehicles, atmospheric diving suits, and a submarine emergency ventilation and decompression system.

Source: janes