The Rizzo frigate in an anti-piracy operation in the Gulf of Guinea

The Rizzo frigate in an anti-piracy operation in the Gulf of Guinea

The anti-piracy operation called Gabinia, which will see the frigate engaged in the coming months Luigi Rizzo in the Gulf of Guinea, under the command of the frigate captain Andrea Cecchini.

The naval unit, which departed from the port of Civitavecchia on 24 February and after a stopover in the port of Dakar (Senegal), will be engaged in one of the sea areas in the world most at risk for piracy attacks, but at the same time of extreme importance for our country, and will have as its objective maritime surveillance to protect national interests and the safety of maritime routes, but also cooperation with the marinas of coastal countries to increase mutual knowledge and trust and to contribute to the improvement of conditions security in the region.

“On the Rizzo ship, leaving for a long mission, there are ideally three Ministries: that of Defense, that of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and that of Economic Development; this is a sign of cohesion of the country system towards maritimeity. Ideally, the national maritime cluster is here today together and the Defense, which is a fundamental rib of the national maritime cluster, is the one that allows the Chief of Staff of the Navy, team admiral Enrico Credendino, and the commander-in-chief of the naval squad, squad admiral Aurelio De Carolis. to all actors to operate in complete safety on the sea and from the sea ” these are the words of Admiral Credendino, who then continued “The Navy is at the service of the community: what happens in the Gulf of Guinea has a direct impact on our country, on our industry and on our maritime trade”.

he commander-in-chief of the naval team in the course of his speech said “Nave Rizzo leaves for the third time for the Gulf of Guinea, where it will perform a complex and articulated maritime security mission, guaranteeing the roles of high seas police, naval diplomacy and security cooperation”continuing “2022 also marks the consolidation of a greater level of presence and regularity in the Navy’s action in the Gulf of Guinea, reaching 8 months a year. The presence of Navy ships in the Gulf of Guinea and in all areas of the enlarged Mediterranean demonstrates an increasingly inter-institutional, multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to maritime security and the activities of the Armed Force beyond national borders “.

The activity of the Italian naval unit is also an opportunity to carry out the collaboration projects between the Navy and the Francesca Rava NPH Italia Onlus Foundation, by embarking on board medical equipment destined for identified African hospitals. in collaboration with the Italian diplomatic authorities on the spot: a “mission within a mission”, with a significant social and humanitarian value.

Ship Rizzo it will patrol the waters of the Gulf of Guinea until next June.

Source: difesaonline